Gain More Skills As A Personal Trainer

sports massageYou can do this by completing a sports massage course with FLM Training. It is one of many branches of massage, just like body massage or Indian head massage. This type of massage can help to provide better circulation, relieve aches from muscle tension and better circulation; as well as much more. Your clients would include people who want to be able to manage their stress better and those who are currently ill or recovering from a sickness.

This career is best suited for those considering a career in active leisure or those who already have a career in active leisure but want to be able to gain more skills and improve what they know. You will need to be psychically fit enough to complete the course, have good communication skills and organisational skills. Most sports massage therapists tend to choose their own hours but still mostly work weekends and evenings as this when their clients are available and free from work as they may work during the week. They don’t earn a set wage as they chose an hourly wage and it depends on the amount of clients but on top of their wage can earn tips and commission from selling beauty products to clients; on average their hourly wage could be between £25 and £60.

FLM training offer a level 3 Diploma in sports massage therapy course which is available to those who are aged 16 years old and over, there are no specific entry requirements but it will help you if you have good communication skills and a GCSE in biology or human biology. This course will last 6 days and then an extra day for completing an assessment.  In these 6 days you will learn about anatomy and physiology, how to subjectively and objectively assess clients, pre event techniques and so much more.  This course is extremely practical, and they think that the best way for you to learn is for you to do it yourself, and then learn from your mistakes. All of their tutors are well experienced in working with NHS and professional athletes. This course is available in Cardiff and Manchester. To complete this course it will cost you £1199.

This qualification will allow learners to work as sports massage therapists in many organisations like welcome clinics, fitness facilities and sporting organisations. Sports massage can help clients to relieve stress and help clients on the road to recovery.  If you’re already a personal trainer then this will add to what you can offer to you clients, therefore you won’t need to refer them to other people, this will get you more business. This course will allow you to gain confidence when working face to face with clients. You will learn how to treat sporting injuries like ankle sprains, collateral knee ligament sprains and more.