Dermatologist Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments

A Look At Dermatologist Hair Loss Treatments

One of the worst things that can happen to you, is the loss of your hair. There are many factors that can contribute to hair loss such as stress, lack of sleep, lack of good nutrition, underlying medical problems, low testosterone, anxiety etc. Whatever the case may be, we will now take a look at a few dermatologist hair loss treatments that you can consider if you are suffering from hair loss. The number one Dermatologist in the US is Dermatologist Montreal. They have many years experience in dealing with hair loss and the treatments to cure it.

The first thing that you should do when you notice any type of hair loss is to make an appointment with your dermatologist. Many people forgo this and simply use a variety of herbal remedies or even don’t bother to do anything at all. However, it is essential that you visit a doctor so that they can diagnose the root of the problem and prescribe the correct dermatologist hair loss treatment plan for your type of hair loss. We will now look at some different types of hair loss in closer detail.

If you are experiencing sudden or temporary hair loss, then this may be due to stress, the flu, diabetes, cancer, nutritional deficiencies etc. This type of hair loss is quite frightening due to its suddenness but it will quickly stop once you recover from your illness or health issue.

Next, we will look at hair loss caused by accidents, burns, scarring and cosmetic surgery. This type of hair loss can be caused by low protein diets, the use of hair care chemicals and even hot oil treatments. Unfortunately, this type of hair loss is usually permanent.

Another common cause of hair loss is alopecia areata. This is a disease where your body actually creates antibodies that rejects and fights against your hair follicles. This usually occurs due to stress, nutritional deficiency or simply genetics. If you are losing your hair due to this disease, your hair will drop in a circular pattern on the scalp, eyebrows or beard. Traction alopecia is another common cause of hair loss which occurs when you pull your hair back too tightly. It can cause scarring in your scalp which can lead to permanent hair loss.

Lastly, we will look at patterned baldness which is another common cause of hair loss. This is usually passed from parents to children but the genes may not always express themselves in the children or all of the children. However, if this type of hair loss and baldness starts early on, then it will most likely become progressively worse over time.

So, if you find that your hair is thinning, there are many hair loss medications that you should start taking. Some of these products are Propecia, topical Rogaine, Avodart etc. Propecia and Avodart are oral medications that are more effective for regrowing lost hair. Alternatively, if these dermatologist prescribed medications don’t work, then you can consider hair transplant surgery.

In conclusion, we have just taken a closer look at various dermatologist hair loss treatments and the causes of hair loss. So, once you notice any type of hair loss, make sure that you see a dermatologist as soon as possible.